Bitesized eLearning

Sage 50 Payroll

Get the skills you need to run Sage 50 Payroll with our quick eLearning modules.


Online Timesheets

Learn how to set up your software and online portal, enter, submit, review and approve timesheets, and how to import into the software.


Setup Part 1: Legislation and Company Settings 

Learn how to navigate your software, check the legislation settings, setup the company settings, and setup new users and password protect your payroll software.


Setup Part 2: Set up pay elements and employee records

how to setup different pay elements, such as payments, deductions, loans and factored payments. You also learn how to create employee records, import and edit employee records.


Processing Payroll

Learn how to set up payment terms for your customers and suppliers, produce statements and other documentation.


Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Learn about sick pay legislation and how to enter and process statutory sick pay. You also cover how to produce pre-update reports, carry out post update checks and produce post update reports.


Statutory Parental Pay (SMP/SPP/SAP/ShPP/SPBP)

Learn how to set up and process maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental and parental bereavement pay.


Nominal Link

Do you manually input your payroll figures into Sage Accounts? Do you want a quick and easy way of transferring your payroll value to save time and eliminate input errors. Set up and use the Nominal Link.


Period End

Learn how to set up e-banking to enable to you to export your BACS payment information and upload it to your online banking portal or banking software. Learn how to submit the Employer Payment Summary (EPS).


Error Corrections

Have you ever made a mistake when processing your payroll or found an error after submitting your details to HMRC and wanted to know how you can correct these. Well this course takes you through the processors and tools available in Sage 50cloud Payroll to correct input errors.



Learn how to produce historical reports and payslips. Do you need to produce historical reports? Has your employee requested a copy of previous payslips? Do you need to edit your payslips? Look no further this course is ideal.


Holidays and Absence

Learn how to set up and process holidays and absences. Do you want to automatically calculate holiday entitlement, record holidays and have a record of what's booked, taken and outstanding. Look no further.


Automatic Enrolment with Payroll Pensions Module

Learn how to prepare and set up the Pensions Module, assess your workforce & deal with correspondence in your software. Process opt-in/join and opt-out/leave notices and perform on-going assessments.

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